AFLA x TRESemmé :: Festival Day 3


RagaDress via Revolve, Chloé Bag, K Jacques Sandals, Céline Shades, Schutz Heels

For the third day of the Music Festival with TRESemmé I wanted to create the ultimate "undone" look using the new Perfectly (un)Done Collection, so I decided to do a messy braid with soft waves.

My favourite thing about this hairstyle? No elastics needed! I learned the best tip from hair pro Kayley Melissa -once you have completed your braid, tease or backcomb the bottom of your braid in lieu of an is amazing how it will stay in all day by that simple step!

To create this look, you will need: TRESemmé Sea Salt Spray (if starting from wet hair) XO Styling Iron (or hot tool of your choice)

TRESemmé Perfectly un(Done) Ultra Brushable Hairspray

1. Start with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo & Conditioner

2. Spray TRESemmé Sea Salt Spray throughout damp hair & dry (or air dry)

3. Create soft waves with the XO Styling Iron (See tutorial here)

4. Pull a small section of hair from both sides of your head towards the middle and start a basic braid.

5. As you move down the braid, incorporate pieces from each side. This look is messy, so don't worry about having them be even, or having them come from the exact same part on each side...just take in new pieces randomly as you move down. Continue until you reach the bottom of your hair.

6. Back comb/tease the bottom of the braid to secure (you can also use a clear elastic here if you prefer)

7. Softly pull on the braid to loosen, creating an effortless undone look.

8. Spray from underneath with TRESemmé Perfectly un(Done) Ultra Brushable Hairspray.

I absolutely loved my first Coachella experience, it was a blast! I especially love the effortless, bohemian inspired looks and hairstyles, and will be bringing you more Festival inspired tutorials with TRESemmé & the Perfectly (un)Done Collection as the festival season continues!


This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product by Unilever. All opinions are my own.