CJxMA Collection
Photos by Allison Kuhl  #CJxMA Collection Jewelry

Photos by Allison Kuhl
#CJxMA Collection Jewelry


Jewelry is such an important part of fashion - it is something that can hold so much meaning that you can wear everyday to remind yourself of a loved one or a moment, or it can be that thing that finishes the outfit and makes you stand out from the crowd.

I was so excited to have the chance to collaborate once again with my wonderful friend & jewelry designer Melanie Auld to create the #CJxMA Collection -and it just launched today!

We both are avid travellers and are both always on the hunt for those perfect jewels that can be easily packed and that can be layered and worn together to create different looks with the same pieces - So we collaborated & designed this collection inspired by adventure & travel to be worn and lived in no matter where you are. From the beach in Hawaii to the cobble stone street in Paris to the parks in Vancouver, this collection is for every dreamer, and are a little reminder everywhere you go that the possibilities are "Endless"! 

You can discover & shop the entire collection here