Top Of The Rock.
Photos by Paige Owen Posse Dress, Miu Miu Shoes

Photos by Paige Owen
Posse Dress, Miu Miu Shoes

When you think of the best spot to get a view of New York, most often, people thing of the Empire State Building - BUT- my favourite place to head up and look over the city is actually Top Of The Rock at Rockafeller Centre - It is the best because you can actually see the Empire State building from the top, and they have two viewing decks…one with glass, and one without, so you can see everything without having to look through glass panels.

I always recommend going early - it can get quite busy- And give yourself at least an hour to get up…They have a viewing area that tells you about the history of New York & the Rockefeller building itself, and once you get up there, it is fun to go and check out all of the different angles- You can also see Central Park, it is so pretty!