Skin Care Must Haves
1614_2.jpg is so important and yet, can sometimes be super confusing...there are just so many products out there!

I am certainly no skin care expert, but I have tested and tried tons of products, and this collection makes up my current "must haves" for skincare.

I am a big believer that less is more - so I don't like to have too many products to have to use everyday...a simple face cleaner, make-up remover, face cream and eye cream does the trick day to day, and then I love to mix up different face masks once a week, depending on what my skin really needs (after traveling, for example, I often use a moisture mask to replenish my skin after all of that recycled air on the airplane & in the hotel, or if I've been wearing make-up everyday or I've been out in the city a lot, I like to use a purifying mask, for example)

So, here we go! Here are my picks for easy, simple & fresh skincare:

1. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Rich Cleanser - I have pretty sensitive skin and I find I can use this in the morning and night and it is really gentle yet still gets the job done...and it smells amazing which is always important! It really leaves my skin feeling smooth & fresh.

2. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Skin Refining Masque & Intensive Eye Repair - I love Dermalogica...they offer such a huge variety of products, and most often their products are for all skin types so there is no guessing when it comes to "will it work for me?" I use the microfoliant in the evenings after washing with a really just exfoliates and makes my skin brighter & softer. The Skin Refining Masque is perfect for those weeks that are extra hectic, if you are feeling stressed out or have been just hard on your skin (make-up, big city, travel)- It is also great during or to prevent blemishes. The Intensive Eye Repair cream is my favourite and most important cream I use! The skin around our eyes is more sensitive than the rest of our skin and often needs even more hydration to retain elasticity & remain smooth and lovely!

3. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil - I am a big fan of Bobbi Brown products, as you can see...I find they are amazing products at really reasonable prices, which is great because I can go through product pretty quickly! This cleanser is really wonderful at removing make-up (even waterproof mascara which can be tricky sometimes) and again it smells fantastic...Sometimes I use this instead of the cream cleanser, or in addition to really remove all of my make-up.

4. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream - This is a really light yet hydrating cream that you can use both morning & night, making it super easy!

5. Glam Glow Youth Mud - This mask is perfect if you have a special event in the next couple of days (I recommend doing the mask 2 nights before the event day) It really brightens your skin and leaves you looking refreshed & feeling smooth. And it definitely tingles!

6. Shiseido Environment Oil-Free UV Protector - It took me forever to find a perfect sunscreen to use on my face...I love Shiseido's Oil Free Cream because it doesn't feel or smell like sunscreen, it is light & is shine-free, so is fantastic to use for everyday.

7. SKII Facial Treatment Mask - This is my go-to mask during & after is ultra moisturizing and prevents/helps with any breakouts...the best!

Keeping your skin looking healthy & happy is so important- I like to wear as little make-up as possible, so making sure my skin looks great makes it easy to just use some blush & mascara and go...and of course the less make-up you use the happier your skin will be!


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