Taking my skin is such a priority to me~Good Skincare products are definitely what I indulge in, because I believe having healthy, glowing skin makes you feel that much more beautiful & ready for anything.

I discovered Racinne and really love not only their products, but how they go about producing their products and the idea behind their beauty line. Racinne is a skincare line created for all ages, and they are made with plant based ingredients, offering natural products that alleviate skin concerns from dark spots to uneven skin tone to lack of hydration to acne & blemish prevention. They also do not test on animals, which is a big one for me!

They have four different product collections that you can choose from depending on your skin type - I personally love the Hydration Perfection Series because I travel so often and am always trying to re-hydrate my skin. I also really love their Anti Aging Serum (they call it Botox in a bottle!) it makes my skin feel so soft & gives it that healthy glow.  They have three really cool beauty devices (something I have never seen from a skincare line before!) that help get the products in deeper, which is awesome - It is like a mini spa at home! 

My favourite is the Lady M Massaging Ion Applicator - It works perfectly with the Youth Power Anti Aging Serum to allow the serum to be absorbed into your skin to allow the maximum nourishment & hydration.

They are currently running a Golden Ticket Giveaway where the winner will get a year's supply of Racinne Products - You earn one Golden Ticket with every purchase, you can read more about the rules here