Hollywood Roosevelt.


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of the most magical L.A spots for me...The history of the hotel is so intriguing and it has always been on my "must see" list in L.A, but I had never had an opportunity to visit until this last trip - I was so exited!

Walking through the hotel gave me shivers - Built in 1926, it hosted the very first ever Academy Awards in the Blossom Ballroom, and Marilyn Monroe actually lived in the hotel for two years - It has had countless people stay & visit including Clark Gable, Ernest Hemingway and has been the setting in numerous movies - So when I had the chance to not only visit the hotel but shoot on the rooftop, of course I was so excited!

You can see all the way to the Hollywood Sign from the Roosevelt Hotel - Such a breathtaking view! It was such a dream to run around and do a shoot at such a historic Los Angeles location.