Gucci Bamboo.
Zimmermann Dress,  Gucci Bamboo   Fragrance

Zimmermann Dress, Gucci Bamboo Fragrance


I am such a summer girl...beach days, sunshine - It is so wonderful! But there is something so special about when the seasons change - Especially when September rolls around - In the fashion world, that is the New Year!

Fall is full of energy - Everything feels new and fresh and reinvented, and with new silhouettes and colour palette inspiration on the runways, it is my favourite time to update my fragrance, too. During the summer I am drawn to natural scents...think coconut & vanilla...easy & beachy. In the fall, though, I love to go for a more romantic feeling, and Gucci Bamboo hits that note perfectly, with floral notes of Casablanca, Lily,  Blossom & Ylang Ylang, it is so pretty without being too overpowering. I love that it still has a top note of Tahitian Vanilla -makes for a seamless fragrance transition from summer to fall for me.  What is your fall fragrance routine?

You can find Gucci Bamboo at Hudson's Bay &