Golden Hour.
With Jean Top, Levi’s Jeans,  Asos Hair Clip

With Jean Top, Levi’s Jeans, Asos Hair Clip

Golden hour is my favourite time to shoot photos~ I find the light is so flattering, and it is such a special time of day when the business of the day starts to slow down, the sky turns from blue to pretty tones of pink and yellow and orange, and there is a world of opportunity ahead of you for the evening.

I have been to L.A so many times, but haven’t hung out too much in Hollywood…We were staying at The Dream Hollywood and the road that it is on is so beautiful…there are cool restaurants (Try Beauty & Essex - You walk through a pawn shop to get to the restaurant, so cool! ) and a cool record store as well as my new found favourite restaurant, Mama’s Rooftop (more on that in a future post to come) and we took these photos right across the street from our hotel. So lovely!

This is also my all time favourite top, I wear it with my Levi’s that are on heavy rotation this winter so often, and, going back to the 90’s - I am obsessed with hair clips!

I have linked jeans & hair clips below - The perfect details for any outfit