Work It Out.

Work It Out.

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Working out is a super important part of my life...I spend so much time staring at computers & phones screens that it is vital for me to get moving everyday. I've had quite a few questions on Instagram on what I do to stay fit, so here is a little sneak peek! Being active outside is my first choice when it comes to working out...I will go for a run by the beautiful seawall in Vancouver, and use benches to keep up with some tricep, bicep & leg exercises, doing push ups, tricep dips and leg step ups the bench. I do work out in the gym as well where I do lift more weights, but I am highlighting my outside workout because you can do it no matter where you are, and as an avid traveler myself, this is key!

To Do:

Bench Tricep Dips:

1.Sit on the bench, holding on to the edge with both hands, knuckles pointing forward. Slide your bottom off the seat and hold yourself up with arms straight, keeping your body close to the chair.

2. Slowly lower your body for two counts as you bend your elbows (they should point directly behind you, not out to the sides); straighten your arms for a count of two. Make sure your arms (not your feet) are supporting your weight throughout the motion (lift one foot off the ground if you are comfortable) Repeat 12 times. On the last rep, hold at the bottom for eight counts, then pulse up and down slightly eight times before straightening your arms.

Bench Push Ups:

1.Stand facing a park bench and place your hands on the seat; walk your feet out behind you until your legs are fully extended.

2.Bend your arms and lower chest toward bench, then push up & complete 12 reps

Bench Step Ups:

1. Stand with one foot on middle of bench and hands on hips. Step up, raising opposite leg. Hold for 2 counts. Return to start and repeat on the other side. Do 3 sets of 10 slow and steady reps

What is your favourite place to workout?


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