Travel Jewelry with LYST


With all of the travels I have been doing lately, of course packing is something I have been doing a ton of! When it comes to traveling with jewelry,

I like to keep my jewelry really simple when I am away. I find bringing pieces that can be layered together are best, and those that I don't have to take off to go swimming or to sleep are perfect because it leaves less opportunity to lose them when taking them off. I tend to keep my travel jewelry dainty and small, and not overly flashy so that it can work with any and all outfits, from a bathing suit poolside to dinner in town.

I've collected some of my absolute travel jewelry favourites with LYST, you can see & shop the collection here! I prefer wearing gold & rose gold (looks so pretty with a tan!) but of course, all of the pieces I've selected would look just as beautiful in silver too!