Together Ibiza.
Photos by Paige Owen  Lack of Color Hat & Levi’s Shorts|  Majorelle  Dress via Revolve |  LPA  Set Via  Revolve

Photos by Paige Owen
Lack of Color Hat & Levi’s Shorts| Majorelle Dress via Revolve | LPA Set Via Revolve

I had such a magical week with the Together Ibiza team in Ibiza ~ It was one of my favourite spots that I’ve traveled!

I always thought that Ibiza would be a crazy party place, and while it offered night life, there is just so much more to the island than partying…It is so beautiful & romantic and full of history, it is a dream and I already can’t wait to go back!

We stayed in the beautiful Together Ibiza Villa that was located with the best view of Old Town Ibiza…It reminded me of Aladdin or something - Seeing the rooftops and soft lights of Old Town was so pretty - I spent a lot of time looking out at the view.

My favourite part was of course Old Town - Did you know that Ibiza is one of the earliest towns in Europe? It was discovered in 654 B.C by the Carthaginians, and in 123 B.C, it was taken over by the Romans. From the 9th Century A.D until 1235 it was ruled by the Arabs (there is a ton of Arabic influence that still remains which is beautiful! They fortified the city walls which remain today, and make a really cool entrance to old town because you have to pass through the “gate” - they also built a huge mosque and some watchtowers that still exist today)

There was also a ton of interest in Ibiza from Pirates, my favourite! When the Catlans ruled Ibiza (after 1235) Ibiza was sightly neglected protection-wise, so the Pirates would often come and plunder the island. In the 16th Century Calvi constructed the walls around Ibiza which you can still see from today (it looks especially cool from the water)

It is said that Ibiza is the 3rd most magnetic place in the world ~ and that it is a spot for healing. Many people in the 60s & 70s visited to Ibiza to experience this feeling, and it attached many artists & musicians. Now it is known for the “party,” but actually, I think this is changing and the focus is moving back to the arts and the history of the island.

Much much more from Ibiza to come -