Tide Chic.

Tide Chic.
First 4 photos by  Allison Kuhl

First 4 photos by Allison Kuhl


As a blogger, of course I am obsessed with clothing - I love each and every garment so much that I always make sure to take care of it to truly make it last by washing it properly, which is why I am in love with Tide! I have been a life long fan of Tide - It is the absolute best smell, so fresh & happy. 

I recently started using Tide Pods - I love how easy they are to use and how safe they are to use with so many pieces of my wardrobe-They work in hot or cold water, and include a detergent, brightener & stain remover in one so I don't have to worry about measuring out different liquids for each load, it is all packed in one pocket!

I used to think that I needed to dry clean most of my clothes, but in fact, 99% of my clothes are surprisingly washable, and can be washed at home either in the machine or by hand. Teamed up with Downy Fabric Conditioner, my clothes stay bright and feel so soft as the Downy Fabric Conditioner actually protects them during the cleaning process and ensures that they keep their feel & shape - how cool is that!

Needing to have photo ready clothing all the time, I am so happy to have discovered the perfect cleaning combo of Tide Pods + Downy Fabric Conditioner to keep my garments looking and feeling beautiful - washing my clothing properly lets me wear my favourites on repeat and I always know my pieces look their best so I can feel confident in my outfit - a must!



*This post was sponsored by Tide, all opinions are my own