Sparkling Beauty.
Tularosa  Dress  Photography by  Allison Kuhl

Tularosa Dress
Photography by Allison Kuhl


I talk a lot about skincare and beauty products because I think taking care of your skin is the most important thing you can do - Making sure you find products that keep it healthy & happy means you will always feel beautiful, no matter if you are on the beach or out at an event.

I recently discovered Laneige and fell in love with their newest products, the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence & The Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist - Together they are the perfect combo to keep skin looking bright, smooth & glowing!

They both contain actual sparkling water (the mist feels so refreshing, I love taking it with me traveling it gives the ultimate boost after a long day on an airplane or in a car) which helps to increase circulation in your skin and remove dead skin cells while leaving your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. 

They both smell absolutely amazing, too - like grapefruits, lemons & flowers, so pretty! They are my go-to products when I am looking to detoxify, hydtrate & refresh my skin.

You can discover the entire Laneige line at Sephora now & you can read a more detailed tutorial of just how the capsule mist product works below!



First, open enclosed sparkling water tablet, then twist and open the cap of the spray bottle. Put both capsules from the tablet into the spray bottle and close the cap. The capsule releases a burst of fresh mineral ingredients into the sparkling water to rejuvenate skin. Once the sparkling water tablets finish bubbling, shake 3-4 times to make sure they melt completely. Now you're ready to use it! Spritz the mist from a distance (I hold about a foot away), then gently pat in to make sure it is absorbed. That's it!