Riding in a helicopter has been on my dream wish list since I can remember, so I was of course so excited to team up with Vancouver's Sky Helicopters to flight above the city & mountains.

I was picked up downtown and driven to their beautiful hanger (it is super cool, they rent it out for weddings, events & many films & television shows are filmed there - it is a must see!) and then it was time to jump in the helicopter and take off.

We experienced the Coast Mountain Adventure and flew above the mountains where we could spot waterfalls & the untouched forest - It was breathtaking, and so cool to see the city I love so much from a different view.

We stopped and had a picnic on the edge of a rock (I couldn't believe we could land there, the pilot was so skilled and it was so magical to be in a location you would not be able to get to without a helicopter) 

It was a day I will never forget (video coming soon, stay tuned to my IG!) and if you are a local or are visiting Vancouver, this is a once in a lifetime experience...I can't believe I waited so long! I am already counting down to my next flight.