Road Trip with Cadillac

Road Trip with Cadillac
Photos by  Allison Kuhl

Photos by Allison Kuhl

I absolutely love road trips - I travel a lot, and so often by plane, but when you get the chance to drive yourself I feel that you see so much more of the landscape and get to experience so much more when you can pull over and explore every cool spot!

Allison & I had so much fun driving from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree in our beautiful 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum Sedan equipped with Super Cruise - It was a dream car!

The interior was so comfortable - the leather seats had heating & cooling, even the steering wheel could be heated! So nice. The seats also offered massage settings - Seriously the best for a long road trip.

We sang our hearts out the entire way with the amazing Bose Panaray Sound System - It was crystal clear & so nice. My favourite feature was definitely the wireless phone charging station & the wifi connection we had no matter where we were! As a blogger it is so important to always be  charged & able to connect, so this was amazing! 

Thank you so much to Cadillac Canada for making our road trip so comfortable - You can learn more about the Cadillac CT6 here.