Lulus  " Al Fresco Evenings"Dress , Hermes Sandals, Cholé Bag, Céline Shades

Lulus "Al Fresco Evenings"Dress, Hermes Sandals, Cholé Bag, Céline Shades


Traveling has always been so important to me in my life...I was born with the travel bug and I am always dreaming about & planning my next adventure. 

This summer I was so excited to explore Europe starting with Positano. I absolutely love driving when visiting a new place...it allows you to take in so much more than if you arrive by plane, and lets you stop along the way if you see something that catches your eye, or if you just want to stop for a coffee or a snack letting you truly discover a country. Driving into Positano was a little crazy (tiny twisty roads, and Italians don't always stay in their lanes!) but the views were breathtaking.

Positano is just as beautiful as the postcards...I could not get enough ofthe multicoloured buildings tucked into the mountainside, and the colour of the ocean is just out of this world!

The town is so cute, with shops and restaurants perched along the twisting streets - and there was just so much to look at and take in, from the different types of stones to the pretty doorways to the blooming flowers everywhere...I just soaked it all up!

Italy is such a beautiful country, and while I have travelled to it many times, this was my first time visiting the Amalfi Coast, and I truly did fall in love! It is a magical place, that is for sure, and I could have spent many more days exploring, but of course, there is only so much time for each adventure. We stayed one night and then drove to Serrento where we caught a ferry to Capri - Coming up next!