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Old Navy Tank, Sports Bra, Jacket and Leggings

Nike Sneakers

Happy Wednesday!

A bit of a break from my travels today…I get asked so often what I do for exercise, and first and foremost, it is running!

I was actually a dancer for more than 22 years (since I was 5 years old!) and when I stopped, it was difficult for me to find something I could do that I really loved in terms of working out.

While I also love to swim, hike, and paddle board, running is something I do every week, no matter what the weather, or where I might be in the world (I have been going on some beautiful runs while in Italy~a super fun way to check out a new city)

It feels so amazing to go out for a run early in the morning, when the rest of the world is quiet…and in Vancouver, there are so many beautiful places to run…my favourite? On the paths of Stanley Park, and on the Seawall.

During the cooler months I definitely need to layer up, and of course I still love to have fun with my looks, even when I am running! These pants are my all time favourite (really comfy and warm), and I think I might end up wearing this tank when I'm not exercising, too!

What is your favourite way to get exercise?


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