Paris Diary III

Paris Diary III
Photos by  Kiara Schwartz     

Photos by Kiara Schwartz



I am jumping back to Paris for one last post because I still have so many images to share from the trip!

Paris is such a magical place...I have been lucky enough to visit now quite a few times, yet each time I discover new things to experience. I know when I travel, I always do a ton of research to find out what people recommend, and what the best places to visit & eat are, so I wanted to share a few of my newest discoveries with you here.

Eiffel Tower - Of course this is a must see, and you can spot it from so many different spots in the city - But, some of the best spots to see it (and photograph it) is Trocadero Park (If you walk down the steps you will see the spot where I took my photo) You can also get a great view down the street from Palais De Tokyo, and if you want to enjoy it in the evening (when it sparkles!) a great spot to eat is L'Avenue (outside on the patio if you want to have a view) Lastly, a great view of the Eiffel Tower, and just of the city in general, is Galeries Lafayette (which is a huge fabulous shopping centre that has amazing interior design as well) 

Ladurée Champs Elysées - I had never actually had breakfast at Ladurée before, and it was such a treat! The patio is really pretty if it is warm enough to sit outside - and make sure to go upstairs to take a peek, even the washrooms are macaroon inspired. The food is actually delicious, and you can get much more than pastries (although of course you can order those too) they offer eggs, oatmeal, etc, so you can be sure you will have a full meal if you decide to visit.

Le Marais - It is just a beautiful area to walk around & it has great shopping as well as beautiful flower stands & gelato (I always visit Amorino whenever I visit Paris or Milan...They have shops in both Le Marais & Saint Germain) A must visit for a glass of champagne or a cup of tea is Café de Flore - The first time I went there I met Kirsten Dunst in the bathroom, so you never know who you might see or meet!) 

Pont Alexandre III - This is the most beautiful bridge, and it is worth taking a moment to walk across it and look at all of the ornate sculptures (it also connects the Champs Elysées & The Eiffel Tower Quarter so a lovely area to walk around)

Musée D'Orsay - Also in Saint Germain, it houses everything from paintings to sculptures to photographic collections and more, and has this stunning clock in the restaurant of all places, but it is worth a visit!

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More from Morocco coming up next!