Olay Scent for Every Shower.

Olay Scent for Every Shower.
Photos by  Allison Kuhl .   Gypsy 05  Dress

Photos by Allison Kuhl
Gypsy 05 Dress


I love having fun scents that make me feel refreshed & energized when it comes to showering - I actually always have at least two different scents of body wash in my shower to use depending on my mood - Sometimes I want more of a floral scent and sometimes I am all about a more fruity smell - So of course I was super excited to discover Olay's Scent for Every Shower Collection, which is made up of six amazing body washes that are designed to work with your natural body's pH and are created to hydrate & revive dry skin. So good!

I am obsessed with the Energizing Lime & White Tea scent and the Soothing Orchard & Black Current - You can discover your scent persona to find the best scent for you at OlayScentPersona.com so you know exactly which one is the perfect fit for your personality!

Showering is such a treat, it feels like a spa session with Olay - You can discover your new fresh scent too to make your showering experience just a little more luxurious.


*This post was sponsored by Olay - All writing & opinions are my own.