No Makeup Required

No Makeup Required
Photography by  Allison Kuhl   #CJxMA Melanie Auld  Necklace, Reformation Dress (white), Rails Dress

Photography by Allison Kuhl
#CJxMA Melanie Auld Necklace, Reformation Dress (white), Rails Dress

Taking care of my skin is my number one priority when it comes to beauty - but with life & travel I am constantly searching for the best beauty products that will help my skin stay healthy & keep it glowing. I make sure to eat well and drink lots of water, but it is really important to only use the best products when it comes to cleaning your skin-You really want to know what you are using because it can really make a difference in the health & overall look of your skin.

Having happy skin means that I can feel more comfortable being natural & going makeup free, so I was so excited to discover Olay Daily Facials- they have been a life saver! It is such a treat to have glowing skin so have No MakeupRequired!

It is so nice having all of the features in just one product- in the past I have searched around and ended up purchasing a ton of products to get the same effect that Olay Daily Facials offer all in one easy cloth. I also know that it is so important to make sure to take off all of your makeup at the end of everyday...using the cloths really gives you an idea of what your face goes through everyday, from the makeup & the outside elements...Cleansing is key!!

They are a 4 in 1 formula; a scrub, cleanser, toner & mask - so it makes it super easy to give my face everything it needs at the end of the day and they are a dream for travel. I really love them because I spend a lot of time in the sun and traveling with airplane & hotel air, so my skin can get really dry. The Olay Daily Facials are super hydrating and make me feel like I've gone to the spa & had a facial! Such a treat.


*This post was sponsored by Olay, all opinions and writing are my own.