Natural Glow with Jergens
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Photos by Cibelle Levi  Rythym Swimwear  Suit,  Tularosa  Dress via  Revolve  |   Monday Swimwear  Suit | Inamortaswim Suit

Photos by Cibelle Levi
Rythym Swimwear Suit, Tularosa Dress via Revolve |  Monday Swimwear Suit | Inamortaswim Suit

I have been using Jergens in some form or another since I can remember ~ My current favourite is the Vitamin E Cream for daily use -It is the perfect lotion to keep my skin feeling hydrated & happy!

I of course always love to have a bit of glow on my skin, so when they released the Jergens Natural Glow, I was so excited! It is so amazing ~ You put it evenly on your skin after you turn off the water in your shower, then leave it on - No need to wipe off or wait for it to dry! You can towel off right away and it won't come off on your towel or clothes. It makes getting a natural glow so super easy.

I used the Jergens Natural Glow leading up to my trip with Jergens to Maui, and it gave me the perfect glow to look as though I had always lived in Hawaii on the day I arrived! 

We had such an amazing time staying at the Four Seasons Maui, adventuring around the island with the Jergens Glow Girl Gang, it was the trip of a lifetime!

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