Natural Glow

Natural Glow
Photography by  Allison Kuhl

Photography by Allison Kuhl


I love getting some colour in the summer - it makes every sundress look so effortless & beautiful. While I love sitting in the sun, I am sun conscious and load up on tons of sunscreen, so to get that perfect sun kissed glow I turn to Jergens Natural Glow Collection - They have tons of options, from gradual moisturizers to instant sunless tanning mousse, and the best part? They offer custom colour solutions to fit all skin tones so you can design your own glow. Amazing right?!

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is by far my favourite of all of the products, it is just so easy to use! I personally like to have glowing skin during the summer months, so I apply the moisturizer once a day to build up my perfect glow. The great part about it is that it builds gradually over several days so you can monitor how much colour you are applying - no scary instant orange moments with this! I love to get a little bit of colour too before heading out on a beach holiday, so I apply the moisturizer twice daily leading up to my vacation to get an even deeper glow. I love that it gives such a natural looking colour, and that it lasts so don't have to worry about it rubbing off at all, and I really love that it also in rich in antioxidants & Vitamin E, so it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth too, a bonus!

You can discover the entire collection and find your best Natural Glow here.


*This post was sponsored by Jergens, all opinions are my own