Morocco Diary - Swarovski


I packed up and headed to Morocco with my friend and super talented photographer, Allison, and what a dream it was! We first explored Marrakech, and I fell so in love...there is beauty in every corner~The colours, shapes, designs and patterns found in everything from the doorways to the rugs to the furniture is just breathtaking -

I teamed up with The Asia Collective who introduced us to Jnane Tamsna where we stayed for two of the nights we were there, and set on nine landscaped acres it was so lovely to have a little Oasis in the busy city that we could escape to. This little nook was right outside our room, and I wanted to just move in! I love the outdoor/indoor living in Morocco - Intricate outdoor rooms with artwork and rugs and furniture that offer a perfect spot to read or relax while still being surrounded by flowers & trees - Heaven!

I packed along my current Swarovski favourites with me to Morocco, and the gold & bold pink worked so well with the rich colours of the country! I layered up the delicate necklaces & love how you can wear the ring all together or each piece on their own - makes a great piece for travel because it offers so many variations.

I have so many photos & stories from Morocco to share, more coming up this week!