Morocco Diary ~ In the Medina

Morocco Diary ~ In the Medina
Photography by  Allison Kuhl

Photography by Allison Kuhl


Morocco is a place full of amazing sights, sounds & tastes...around every corner is something spectacular and wonderful to see & discover -In other words, a travel lovers dream!

We traveled to Marrakech, and for our first few nights in the city, we stayed in the Old Town called The Medina. This area is absolutely breathtaking - car free small winding corridors that lead to different shops and homes and fruit and vegetable stands and wonderful doors and passageways...It is a bit tricky, though, because there really aren't any exact addresses, and Google Maps definitely gets confused in The Medina, so it is a place where you want a real map (even with a real map we ran into walls where there was once a passageway that was closed up) or have a guide take you right to your hotel or riad - Otherwise you will be in there for hours!

Our first night we spent at the Riad Zam Zam  (our taxi driver literally walked us to the door, but they also offer to meet you where the cars drop you off) and our next night we stayed at Riad Dar Seven (which offered such an amazing view of the city!) 

Of course we spent hours in the Souk where there was everything you could imagine...spices, leather goods, textiles, lamps, it was amazing! We stopped for lunch at The Nomad which is a must visit if even just for a coffee, because the interior is beautiful and they have an amazing rooftop patio that again, gives a wonderful view of the city. Plus it is delicious!!

The Hotel Mamounia is also not to be missed - Honestly it is a real life Palace!! Heavenly from the gardens to the interior, just stunning...

The Spa at The Royal Mansour is definitely worth a booking too, even if you aren't staying there - It is hands down the prettiest spa I have ever visited! Their dinner is outstanding too, they have a beautiful patio and heavenly desserts.

There is so much that can be said & shared about Morocco - I could write a novel! This is just a little taste of my favourite experiences...Much more to come, stay tuned!

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