Photos by  Britney Gill

Photos by Britney Gill


I have never traveled to Miami before, so when Garnier Fructis invited me for a few days to visit the city and talk about hair, I was ecstatic!

We spent three days in Miami, and I already know I have to go back, there is just so much to see! We stayed at The Standard Hotel which was super cute, and had action packed days from start to finish which was a blast, hanging out with a fantastic group of women who were from all around the world, so cool!

On our first day, we took a boat ride to the Garnier Villa, which was actually my dream house - set on the water with a modern look, I felt like a Princess hanging out there for the afternoon. We kept busy with different hair rooms all over the house where we could discover and play with all of the Garnier Fructis products and we also got to do some yoga and make acai bowls, it was so much fun!

We spent the evening at The Basement which was so cool, there was a bowling alley & skating rink inside the bar! So awesome.

We also checked out the Wynwood Walls, which is an entire area in Miami that is covered in Graffiti Art, there are some absolutely beautiful murals, definitely a must see. It was pouring rain the day we were there, but we had so much fun anyways - Lauren (Gypsea Lust) & Elsa (Elsa's Wholesome Life- two of my favourite influencers!) and I put down our umbrella's and just danced in the rain - it was perfect.

We did a ton of filming, and I can't wait to share the video with you, stay tuned!