HOME with CF Interiors & California Closets
Photos by Allison Kuhl

Photos by Allison Kuhl


What a special place home is. To me, home is a feeling ~ It is not necessarily about the space that you live in, but rather the feeling you have when you are in that space, and for the first time, I took the time to make my space really special full of pieces that make me feel happy, relaxed, warm & cozy.

CF Interiors is my favourite interior design & furnishings company~Their pieces help you to create a thoughtfully curated space, and I was so grateful to work with their extremely talented team to make my apartment into a home.

The team at CF Interiors actually made me feel like part of their family, and the time and dedication they took to find the exact rug that I had my heart set on, the colour of the couch that I was wishing for, and the overall feeling that I was looking for in my space made me feel so lucky!

Through CF Interiors I also got to work with one of my favourite local artists, Dana Mooney who created a custom piece for my hallway - She is so talented! It makes me smile every time I come home. You can find her pieces at CF Interiors, of course.

I have always dreamt about having a custom closet, for as long as I can remember. As an influencer, I have different needs than most people with a closet, as I am traveling so often so need to keep both my summer & winter closets at close hand, and have an unusual amount of dresses & bags & shoes…So I was so excited to work with California Closets who created the most beautiful, custom closet for me, and worked with the odd little space so many Vancouver apartments have these days, the “flex space” - Which is essentially an empty room with no windows and is often the weirdest configuration. Emma from California Closets did the very best job, and I am so happy every morning when I get dresses now - I can see all of my pieces and it all looks so pretty.

You can customize pretty much everything with California Closets - We went with the Gold Finish & added cotton boxes and a jewelry drawer for my jewels & sunglasses to make everything organized & easily accessible. We also added a few hooks for my bags, jackets & hats -It is a dream!

CF Interiors carries so many different amazing brands, many of which are local, which is always awesome. I selected pieces from a few different designers, so here is a breakdown of all of my pieces!

Jackson Couch - Van Gogh
Milan CorsicoCoffee Table & Side Table- The Goods
Wooland Counter Table - The Goods
Resort Indoor/Outdoor Chair, Gia Bench (entrance) & Totem Stumps - Style In Form
Sherpa Surya Rug - Style In Form
Custom Biscotti Trica Counter Stools - Tweed with Gold Powder Coat - Style in Form
Jordan Desk - Style in Form
Jones Brown Leather Chair - Style In Form
Olivia Desk Chair - Style In Form
Pillows, Artwork, Outdoor Lamps - Style In Form
Coach Throws - Tofino Towels

A huge thank you to Kathryn & Rob at CF Interiors and their entire team for making my home dreams come true! You can visit the CF Interiors location or shop online to find the items from my home - The team is so welcoming, they will help you create the space of your dreams, too!