Head Over Boots

ASOS Dress
Vanrycke Necklace
ALDO Boots
Two: Windsor Store Top
Celine Bag
ALDO Boots

"Winter has officially arrived here in Vancouver, and it is at last time to head out and pick up those cooler month staples (read, boots!)

I am really picky when it comes to buying footwear...I do a ton of walking (to work, shopping, meeting friends) and so need my shoes to be wearable and super chic - not an easy task! And it is important to find pieces that are timeless and easy to pair with multiple outfits, so a neutral palate is always a yes for me.

I was so excited to find these ALDO boots - the taupe colour makes them work with almost any look (I will definitely be wearing them with some more casual denim looks, and can't wait to wear them into Spring with skirts and dresses!) and the zipper detail adds just the right amount of interest without making them too flashy. They are so versatile, and will work in any season - A shopping success!

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday ❤