Lulus   Nude Dress .  Tularosa  White Dress via  Revolve  

Lulus Nude Dress. Tularosa White Dress via Revolve 


We drove during our trip to Europe, and it made us discover so many amazing things that we wouldn't have seen if we were flying, like these amazing sunflowers in Greece! There were endless fields of Sunflowers as far as you could see, it was just beautiful.

On the way to Santorini we also stopped in Athens for the day and took in some of the amazing historic sights there. It was over 40 degrees celsius but we trekked up to see the Pantheon, and it was well worth is just wild to know how old all of these structures are! Looking down on the city of Athens from the Pantheon was cool too, it is worth the climb if only for the views.

Croatia is up next!