Diorskin Forever Foundation.

Diorskin Forever Foundation.


Taking care of my skin is always a huge priority to me, so taking the time to find the right products that are going to keep my skin looking fresh and glowing is so important.


I often travel to sunny destination, and of course, spend long days snapping photos, so finding makeup that can protect me from UV rays and stay on for long hours is so hard to find.  I was super excited to discover Diorskin Forever Foundation because it is ideal for both spending time in the sun (it has SPF 35) and it lasts the entire day, which is wonderful for long photo shoot days.


Diorskin Forever Foundation is my favourite too because it actually reduces pore visibility and creates a matte finish- which is so huge for me, especially when I am in the sunshine and it is hot! If you haven't ever found a foundation that matches your skin tone, Diorskin has you covered because it is available in 16 shades - I actually use two different shades depending on if it is summer or winter, or if I have been traveling, because it is so important to have one that matches your skin tone exactly.

You can read more and find your perfect shade here



*This post was sponsored by HBC, all opinions are my own.