Croatia Yacht Week with Supercharge.

Croatia Yacht Week with Supercharge.
Photos by Allison Kuhl Monday Swimwear Bikini| GRLFRND Skirt via Revolve| Billabong Swimsuit | Gooseberry Seaside Bathing Suit | Monday Swimwear White Bikini & Cover Up|

Photos by Allison Kuhl
Monday Swimwear Bikini| GRLFRND Skirt via Revolve| Billabong Swimsuit | Gooseberry Seaside Bathing Suit | Monday Swimwear White Bikini & Cover Up|

I absolutely love the sea, loving swimming in the water & jumping off of boats, so when I was invited to Croatia Yacth Week with Supercharge, I was so excited!

I also really love Croatia - I visited Split & Dubrovnick a couple of summer’s ago, and it was so magical, so I couldn’t wait to go back and visit even more of the country.

I was a bit nervous about living on a boat for a week, I am not going to lie. I was about to. head away for 7 days with a team of people that I didn’t know -

It turns out that the Supercharge team turned into my family during that week -It was a group of the most kind, fun people, and after spending a week together, we were all so close at the end! It was such an amazing week, and the Supercharge team did such an excellent job organizing and taking care of us - It was definitely the best way to experience Yacht Week.

I wanted to first share all of our boat moment photos - I have so many photos & stories to tell from when we stopped and visited different Croatian cities & islands, but of course when you think Yacht Week, you think sailboats.

My favourite day was when we woke up and were already sailing on the open water, and the Skipper asked who wanted to stop and jump in. I of course was so excited, so I jumped out of bed and into the water - There is no better way to wake up! We then had breakfast on the deck of the boat in the sunshine, it was the best feeling in the world.

Before I took part in Yacht Week, I didn’t fully understand how it worked ~ Basically everyone meets on Saturday at the harbour, meets their crew & boat mates, fills their boats with food for the week, and then take off into the open waters. There is a schedule for all of the boats so that you meet each night in a different town or in the water to celebrate and attend events together, but during the day, you can take your time sailing, stop the boat to swim, or do whatever you want to do on your own boat.

One of my favourite things we did was the Raft Party where all of the boats tie up together in a circle, and you can swim and jump off into the middle of the boats and run around on each other’s boats - It was amazing! There was a DJ on a boat that came through, and even a boat fully stocked with fruit and juice and other goodies that came by that you could order from. So much fun.

We also tied up all of the boats together for an entire evening one of the nights in the middle of the water, and once again everyone could just hop onto each other’s boats and attend each other’s boat parties. It was wild! This trip definitely made me more outgoing than I have ever been, but again, being with the Supercharge family made me feel happy & safe and ready to have a good time.

So much more from Yacht Week with Supercharge to come,