Croatia with Visa Avion.

Croatia with Visa Avion.
Photos by Allison Kuhl

Photos by Allison Kuhl

When I travel, I love finding special souvenirs that I can actually use or wear when I get home to remind me of the memories that I made. 

During my recent visit to Croatia, I went on a mission to find unique souvenirs! Using my RBC Avion card, I purchased these pretty shell jewels and a beautiful lace fan.

Here are some tips for finding one-of-a kind souvenirs on your next adventure: 

Find the Local Only Markets 

If you want to discover unique souvenirs that you can’t find at home, a great place to start is by asking the locals which markets they shop at. From incredible non-perishable food items to jewelry to housewares, wandering local run stalls are my go-to for finding beautiful one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Plus it’s always a great way to take-in the sights, sounds and smells of the city you’re visiting! 

Go in with an open mind 

When trying to find unique souvenirs, it is best to go in with an open mind. Having too much of an idea of what you want before you go can lead to disappointment. Keep your eyes open for stalls that carry your favorite colors, fabrics and materials and do some digging… You never know what you’ll find! 

 Picture your Souvenirs at home 

We have all done it- Bought that crazy item that “everyone” had when you were away, but once you bring it home, it just doesn’t fit into your life or no longer makes sense in your environment. When shopping for souvenirs, think about how they will make you feel at home. Is it something that you can use at home on a daily basis? Will it bring you joy to see it and remind you of your travels when you see it? That is a great sign you need to get it! 

Here is to your next adventure – and Avioners don’t forget to tag @RBCAvion and use #Avioning on your travel adventures! 


*This post was sponsored by Visa Avion, all writing & opinions are my own