Chanel Spring/Summer 2017~ Data Center
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Wearing Chanel Dress, Heels & Bag Photography by  Cibelle Levi

Wearing Chanel Dress, Heels & Bag
Photography by Cibelle Levi


I have been a fan of Chanel since as long as I can remember. I have read the books and watched the movies about Gabrielle Bonheur, or, Coco Chanel, and have admired and fell in love with the stunning pieces, from bags to shoes to jewels to ready to wear to couture that Chanel has created over the years.  

Attending a Chanel Runway show was as the top of my bucket list- something I have been dreaming about forever - So when I had the chance to attend the Spring/Summer 2017 show in Paris, I could not believe it!

The Spring/Summer 2017 Chanel Runway show at The Grand Palais in Paris was everything I dreamt it would be and more. The energy outside before the show began was electric...and walking into the "Data Center", which Karl designed to look like the giant mainframe computer, paired with the breathtaking glass ceiling of the Grand Palais was just stunning.

A model wearing a robot helmut opened the show, and from there, as I was taking in all of the details of the collection as the models walked, it was hard not to let my jaw drop to the floor because the designs were all so spectacular!

Updated, metallic and florescent tweed, tie dyed fabrics, sideways ball caps, huge oversized earrings and necklaces and even electronic handbags flew down the runway,  giving an overall fun and happy feeling from the collection. It was bright, bold & fresh, a fun mix between the 80's and the future.

Needless to say I was in love with every piece, and felt like I was walking on a cloud the entire time I was there - It was a complete dream come true!

My love affair with Chanel continues, and I am already looking forward to the inspired designs that will come next.