Chanel Blue.

Chanel Blue.
Photography by  Allison Kuhl

Photography by Allison Kuhl


Skincare is such an important part of my life...I love looking as natural as possible and wearing as little makeup as possible, so having healthy skin really makes a huge impact in my life. 

I have been using Chanel skincare for a couple of years now - I love the Hydra Beauty line because my skin is on the dryer side (travel has a huge impact on my skin!) and it keeps my skin feeling super clean & hydrated. 

I just discovered Chanel's new Blue Serum this week, however, and it is a game changer! It was inspired by the world's Blue Zones - Italy, Costa Rica, Greece & Japan. Chanel research dissevered that in these areas they have found that people's lifestyles & diet has a huge effect on their skin, and used the most potent essences that keep your skin looking radiant in their new serum; olives from Italy, green coffee from Costa Rica & Lentisk from Greece.

The serum is super lightweight & makes your skin feel so soft! 

It is my new travel beauty essential - I just returned from a 2 week trip and I know it was the serum that kept my skin clear, happy & glowing on my adventures.

Living healthy & exercise is also important to me...I grew up dancing since the age of 5 and learning about the Blue Zones & how healthier lifestyle can effect your skin as well, it inspired me to keep moving & enjoy the things that bring joy and that give you that amazing feeling you get after you've gone for a walk or a run or a swim or danced! 

What brings you joy?