Capri was one of my most favourite destinations on my trip - It is just so breathtakingly beautiful! We arrived by boat and it was so pretty coming into port...we then headed up the hill to stay at Hotel Punta Tragara for our first night, and it it had such a stunning view  - we got to eat breakfast overlooking the ocean with all of the boats zipping around below, it was just magical.

For dinner, we discovered Le Grotelle, one of the most delicious restaurants (and romantic!) that also had a breathtaking view, and it was so fun to get to because you have to wind through the tiny streets, you can't drive or take a vehicle, which makes it that much more special when you arrive. I had the ravioli, and honestly, it was little pockets of heaven, so yummy! 

On our second night in Capri we moved to the other side of the island called Anacapri to The Hotel Caesar Augustus, which was one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen! Once owned by a Prince, the grounds are absolutely amazing, every angle has a beautiful view, and the rooms hang over the ocean, it is just spectacular. The infinity pool faces the ocean as do both of their restaurants, and you can walk through their huge garden where they grow everything that they serve in their restaurant ~We ate dinner there and each bite was so good - the fresh tomatoes and herbs from the garden made the meal so special.

The next morning we explored the island from the water, heading out on a beautiful boat, and it was unforgettable. Jumping off the boat, visiting the grotto' and boating through the famous arches was so much fun! Definitely a must do when in Capri, it feels so nice to swim in the ocean and gives you a different perspective seeing the island from the water.

I could have spent so long in Capri, it was so fun to just wander the streets and explore by land & sea...I am already dreaming about my next visit!

From Capri we headed to Greece, coming up next!