Cannes Film Festival 2017 with L'Oreal
Photos (except red carpet photo) by  Allison Kuhl

Photos (except red carpet photo) by Allison Kuhl


One of my ultimate long time bucket list dreams has been to attend the Cannes Film Festival, and when one of my favourite beauty brands, L'Oreal, invited me to join them this year, I was so incredibly excited, I couldn't even believe it!

I got to spend two days with L'Oreal in Cannes along with the other L'Oreal Hair beauties, Luana Silva, Shana Saperas & Chiara Monteleone, and we all got to walk the Red Carpet together for the viewing of The Killing of a Sacred Deer - It was absolutely magical and was an experience I will never forget! 

After spending a day in the beautiful sunshine getting ready at the L'Oreal Beach House, we got to get our hair & makeup done by the L'Oreal Hair & Makeup team, and then have a cocktail by the pool at Hotel Martinez where we saw the L'Oreal Spokesmodels including Kristina Bazan & Eva Longoria before heading to the cars to drive to the Red Carpet. 

There were so many people along the sides of the Red Carpet when we arrived, it was crazy! Then we watched as Nicole Kidman stepped our of her car behind us and realized why so many people had been waiting along the sides to spot her - and of course all of the other celebs that were attending.

I had so much fun with the other girls & the L'Oreal team, it was a dream come true.