Cabo Diary Part 2
The Jetset Diaries  Dress via  Revolve , K. Jacques Sandals.   

The Jetset Diaries Dress via Revolve, K. Jacques Sandals.


A few more snapshots from my amazing adventure with Leave of Trees & Siren Communications in Cabo San Lucas...The landscape was breathtaking because at one moment it would ocean for as long as your eye could see in a thousand different shades of blue and the next, stark desert with cacti and endless sand - So cool!

It was such a treat to explore a new part of the world and in such fantastic company (I have been so inspired by Roohi, Founder of Leaves Of Trees...not only did she start this brand, she is also a working medical doctor and a certified pastry chef! She is also just an amazingly kind & wonderful person, if you are in Toronto make sure to visit her shop. You can also read more about her in her FLARE interview here