Photos by  Allison Kuhl   Wearing Tularosa Dress Via  Revolve  ,  Miu Miu  Flats, Chanel bag

Photos by Allison Kuhl 
Wearing Tularosa Dress Via Revolve , Miu Miu Flats, Chanel bag


This was my first visit ever to the island of Burano, and I fell in love! It is an island in the Venitian Lagoon, and is about an hour boat ride from Venice - And definitely worth the trip. 

It is a rainbow town, with each building being a different colour, it is so pretty to walk around! They are known for their Seafood dishes & beautiful lace (which they have been known for since the 1400's!) 

It is such a magical place, I think Allison & I took about 1000 photos because every angle was just so beautiful! 

It can get busier in the afternoon, so if you are heading over, definitely catch a morning boat from Venice - then you can wander through the candy coloured buildings solo, which makes it that much more of a cool experience.