AFLA x  BITNB   BLONDE  &  BRUNETTE  Sweatshirts  Beautulleful  Skirts  Anine Bing  Boots (Cara)

Beautulleful Skirts
Anine Bing Boots (Cara)


Photography by Britney Gill

I am so happy to finally share the Brunette x AFLA BLONDE & BRUNETTE Sweatshirts! I have been such a long time fan of Brunette is The New Black (you can see me sporting my Vogue-y top here) and so of course was super excited to have the chance to team up with my friend Miriam of BITNB and make Blonde & Brunette tops. 

They were truly inspired by our friendship between a blonde & a brunette...and on top of being super cute, they are so cozy!  You can shop the limited edition BLONDE here & BRUNETTE which is available in black here & grey here.