Zimmermann  Dress,  Isabel Marant  Boots,  Birks  Jewels

Zimmermann Dress, Isabel Marant Boots, Birks Jewels


I wasn't really a "girly girl" growing up - While I was a dancer, I also I loved snowboarding and hiking and and working on cars with my Dad, and so, I didn't ever think I would wear a diamond ring when I got married. The moment, though my (now) husband proposed with a beautiful diamond, I knew that it was what I had always wanted to wear to symbolize our relationship. 

After now being married for over a year (and still loving my ring just as much as I did on the proposal day!) my ring means so much to me - Of course it is beautiful, but when I put it on each morning, I am excited to know that it is something that connects me with my husband...and when we are apart, it instantly makes me smile because it makes me think of him! 

Discovering a ring that you will be wearing (or your partner will be wearing!) everyday can be a bit daunting- of course you want to choose the right one. Birks has so many beautiful cuts and styles (and all of the Diamonds are Canadian and ethically mined) you can find the ring that perfectly embodies the feeling you share with your loved one, and not have to compromise (they even offer financing, which is so helpful so you can choose the ring you really love) 

Now that I do have my diamond engagement ring & wedding band, I love layering and adding more beautiful Birks pieces to my collection. They are perfect anniversary gifts (this Diamond Mesh Ring is such a fantastic addition, and I love pairing this pearl bracelet with the dainty diamond bangle, so pretty! ) and getting that little blue box is always happy, no matter what the occasion.