Beach Waves with the XO Styling Collection

When I first started by blog I called it A Fashion Love Affair, and as one of the things I get asked most about is my hair, I wanted to create a hair collection of tools & products that I really loved ^ trusted - So , the A Fashion Love Affair XO Styling Hair Collection was born.

I have since changed my blog name to, but I still carry the XO Styling Collection on my site as it is the only flat iron I use to style my hair to create my signature beach waves.

If you haven't tried curling your hair with a flat iron - It is amazing! I find that it makes the curls more natural & effortless looking. The beveled edge on the XO Styling Iron makes it really easy to create curls with the iron, and because the cord rotates, it never gets in your way.

In this video I also use the XO Styling Beach Hair Texturizing Spray & XO Styling Radiant Weightless Finishing Oil, both which I use in my hair daily.

The XO Styling Beach Hair Texturizing Spray adds body to hair while enhancing natural waves. It has Sea & Epsom salts to create texture while hazel seed & sunflower seed oil hydrate & the Vitamin E & Oleic acid stimulate healthy hair growth & provide UV protection.  

I love using it (as I do in this video) on wet hair after the shower, or on second day hair to refresh a look or to help create texture before I put in in a braid before I curl it with the XO Styling Iron

It is light & fresh and has a really light beach scent, so nice!

The XO Styling Radiant Weightless Finishing Oil is my must have product- It nourishes & softens while protecting from heat & uv rays. It eliminates frizz & flyaways and gives your hair a radiant boost. 

After so much experience with greasy oils, I wanted to create something that was light & great for everyday use.

The XO Styling Radiant Weightless Finishing Oil is clear (won't show up on any hair, even blondes) and super light so it doesn't weight your hair down or create build-up. I put it on my hair after the shower (especially at the ends or any damaged areas) and then use it as a finishing product when I am done styling my hair, adding it to the ends and working my way up as needed.

For extra repair, you can add it to your conditioner and use it as a mask! It has a lovely light grapefruit scent, really pretty.

I truly love & use these products, and wanted to be able to share something with all of you that I believe in.

Going to be treating more tutorials, let me know what you want to see next!