Bali Diary: Four Seasons Jimbaran


After we stayed in the Seminyak area in Bali we headed to the fishing village of Jimbaran, and it was so lush and beautiful!! We stayed at the incredible Four Seasons Jimbaran, and it felt like we stepped into another world with all of the flowers and trees they had growing on the grounds.

Each suite had a different entrance (the coolest doors I've ever seen!) and opened up into an outdoor living room - How fun is that? The village was so close to the hotel, so it was really nice to wander in and see all of the fisherman in action- there were tons of beautiful boats bobbing in the water, and you can eat the fresh fish that was caught that day right there on the beach and in the restaurants, pretty incredible!

They had an amazing beach as well and tons of toys (you could go on the catamaran or even take surfing lessons!) It was an absolute dream destination, I never wanted to go, although luckily our next stop was the Four Seasons Sayan, which I will be sharing next week,