Avioning ~ Festival Season

Avioning ~ Festival Season

Celebrated festival season #Avioning with my RBC Visa Infinite Avion Card. With this card I receive 1 RBC point for every dollar I spend, and I earn even more points on all travel related purchases like my flights, cabs and hotel- Getting rewarded to travel, yes please!

With my Avion card there’s no blackout periods or flight restrictions - so I can use my points to travel whenever, wherever and on the airline of my choice- a great perk if you’re not a fan of having to settle for unnecessary stopovers (especially when you’re not travelling far).

I had so much fun in the desert this season, and picked up some great festival tips that I wanted to share~

1. Book your hotel early! The best ones book up quickly for festival season in Palm Springs, so make sure to book as soon as possible to get the spot you have your eye on. Tip: with an Avion card you can also use your points to redeem for hotel – great perk to help save on travel costs!

2. Book your hotel in the downtown Palm Springs area - That is in the middle of most of the events, and it has a ton of restaurants and shops close by, so you will always be able to find great bites and be able to take breaks at your hotel if you need to escape the crowds or heat for a while.

3. Give yourself extra time to get everywhere - The traffic is busy and it takes much longer than you would think to get around. You can create an Uber account with your RBC Visa Infinite Avion Card & be able to go anywhere. Plus, you’ll earn extra points on your Uber purchases!

4. There is very poor phone service at the festival, so make sure to have a meeting point with your friends in case you get separated.

5. It is really dusty everywhere, so make sure to pack a bandana to tie around your face to avoid eating mouthfuls of dust!

6. Wear close toe shoes, it is dirty in there!

7. Bring a jacket or sweater, it gets cool at night in the desert

8. Have fun!

Planning an upcoming festival trip? Share your festival adventures with #Avioning (feel free to edit this to sound more authentic to you!)


This post was sponsored by RBC, all writing & opinions are my own.