AFLA x Glitter Guide's Twisted Braid with the XO Styling Iron Tutorial

I was so excited to collaborate with The Glitter Guide to bring you a new braid tutorial- this look is super easy to create, and perfect for Spring!

What you'll need:
*XO Styling Iron (Use the code XOGLITTERGUIDE for a 15% discount♥)
*Clear Elastics
*Hairspray & Finishing Product

1.Twist a small portion of your hair from the front to back, leaving a few pieces around your face. Repeat on the other side, and secure both twisted pieces behind your head with a clear elastic.
2.Take the ponytail and flip it towards your head, looping it behind the elastic and down.
3.Take the hair in your ponytail and separate it into two portions. Take hair from underneath on the left side and pull it to the front, then repeat on the other side all the way down the ponytail, and secure with an elastic.
4. Slightly pull the braid apart for that undone look.
5. Use the XO Styling Iron to create soft waves throughout the rest of your hair that is down. Place the XO Styling Iron at a 45 degree angle, close the plates and glide the iron down the length of hair, spinning it towards you as you go down. You can also use the XO Styling Iron to wave the pieces of hair you left out at the front framing your face.
6. To finish the look, lightly spray your curls from underneath using the hairspray and run a small amount of finishing product (I used Bumble & Bumble Invisible Hairdresser's Oil for this look)through your waves to separate the curls and create a shine.

Photos by Erin Sousa