AFLA x Glitter Guide Braided Crown Tutorial

One of my favourite ways to wear my hair is in a low braided crown with loose beach waves. I teamed up with the Glitter Guide to share a tutorial on how you can get this look. 

You will need hairspray, bobby pins, clear elastics and the XO Styling Iron (Get 15% off with the shopping code XOGLITTERGUIDE)

To start, take a large section of hair from one side of your hair and braid, making sure to pull the hair back as you go so it will lay flat against your head. Secure with a clear elastic.

Take a smaller section of hair and repeat on the opposite side.

Gently pull on both braids once you have secured them with an elastic to give them that undone look. It is also a great way to hide any imperfections!

Take the first larger braid and run it along the back of your head, tuck in the ends against themselves and secure with a bobby pin. Make sure to hide the pins in your hair.

Take the smaller braid from the other side and lay it on top of the bigger braid, tucking in the ends to the big braid and securing with bobby pins, again ensuring you hide the pins. Use as many pins as needed to feel secure.

Next, create soft waves using the XO Styling Iron. To use the XO Styling Iron, place the iron at a 45 degree angle, close the plates, spin it once towards you and glide it down the length of your hair, and release. For more instructions you can watch the video tutorial here.

Spray entire look with hairspray ( I like to spray the curls from underneath so you are not weighing down the curls with product but rather working it through all of the layers of your hair) and you're done!

Photos by  Erin   Sousa | Dolce Vita Dress ( similar  on sale!)  AFLA x Melanie Auld Eternity Stacking Ring  

Photos by Erin Sousa| Dolce Vita Dress (similar on sale!) AFLA x Melanie Auld Eternity Stacking Ring