While the plot of Mad Men can, at times, be less than enthralling, the thing that pulls me back time and again are the outfits.  Not since Sex and The City have I looked to a TV show to find the latest and greatest in style and fashion. 

Each character has a different flair, but Joan Holloway (played by the amazingly talented actress, Christina Hendricks) the compliacted, serious yet sexy, Marylin Monroe-esque secretary, is by far my favorite.  She is always wearing colorful, form fitting dresses and high waisted skirts...and of course, she is never without her pen necklace.  This pink dress is in honor of Joan!

Wearing Old Navy Trench, Anthropologie Bag,
Thrifted Dress, Jessica Simpson Heels,
H&M Belt, Leah Alexandra Bracelets,
My Name Necklace (I learned about this necklace from
one of my favorite bloggers,
Elizabeth of Chic Heroin ♥

xo C